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Stig Strand

Stig Strand was born on August 26, 1956, and grew up on Slalomvägen in Tärnaby, a neighbour of Ingemar Stenmark. Just a stone’s throw from the slope, the pair would trudge up the hill, with their skis on their shoulders, to practice and play. They went on to achieve great success within the sport, with Stig’s high point coming in the 1982/83 season when he won two World Cup races, came second in another four races (one of which was in Tärnaby) and became the overall World Cup slalom champion.
After his competitive career was over, Stig returned to Hemavan Tärnaby where he now runs Trolltunet, a hotel and outdoor pursuits centre in Hemavan. He is also a regular and popular sports commentator on Swedish TV during the winter season. When tension mounts as the results of big competitions are about to be decided, it is Stig’s calming and expert commentary the nation has come to trust.