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Skiing in Hemavan Tärnaby


Skiing is what has put Hemavan Tärnaby on the world ski map in a big way and is the key reason that people come flocking here in a bid to capture some of our downhill magic.

Hemavan Tärnaby is where Swedish skiing legends, Ingemar Stenmark and Anja Pärson grew up and it is where most of the nation’s alpine skiing stars train for the next season. There is something for everyone here: for families, the skiing expert, off-piste skiers, the snowboarder, Nordic skier or the cross-country enthusiast.

A distance of just 20km separates the resorts of Hemavan and Tarnaby.

Skiing in the slopes and funparks

Hemavan Tärnaby offers nice family slopes for children and ski schools with experienced instructors. All about Hemavan Tärnaby ski resort you can find om Hemavan Alpints website.


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Cross-country skiing

Mountain environment offers unlimited possibilities for cross-country skiing and ski touring.


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Avalanche information Hemavan Tärnaby

For the latest updates on the risk for avalanches you have two options.

Articles about skiing in Hemavan Tärnaby

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Radiointervju med Herman Fogelberg i finsk radio

Lyssna på radiointervju med Herman Fogelberg om hur det är att jobba i skidpatrullen i Hemavan Tärnaby.
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Ride the Cow

Freeskiing competition in Kobåset, Hemavan
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