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Group, conference, bus tour operator or tour operator. Welcome to Hemavan Tärnaby!

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Krydda konferensen med kontraster. Välkommen till fjällen!


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 Group, conference, bus tour operator or tour operator. Welcome to Hemavan Tärnaby!

Here we would like to help you with tips to give your customers or your group the best experience in Hemavan Tärnaby. Here you find information on hiking trails, attractions, restaurants and hotels for your groups.

For personal help please contact  Hemavan Tärnaby Turistbyrå +46 (0)954- 104 50,


Atoklimpen - Sami cultural heritage


Atoklimpen is a large hill rising high above the surrounding landscapes. It is part of the Sami cultural environment and provides an insight into how the nomadic Sami reindeer herding practice has effected the landscape over the centuries. Book a guide and organize an outdoor lunch.


“Hiker´s guide to summer walks”



Our hiking guide with 20 popular hiking tips in swedish and english  is great to have for your visit in Hemavan Tärnaby.



Guided summer activities – discover more!

A daily program for guided activities 2017. The programme will soon bee published here.

The Alpine Botanical Garden and Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve visitor center in Hemavan

The Alpine Botanical Garden is a smal gem with a large variety of alpine plants. Located next to the botanical garden and the start of Kungsleden you find visitors center Vindelfjällens Naturum Hemavan, with guides to the area, helpful mountain safety advise an a gift shop.