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The ski resort with the best of the Swedish mountains

Hemavan Tärnaby is at the heart of outdoor pursuits in the Swedish part of Lapland, offering incredible skiing in a fantastic mountain environment.

The two villages of Hemavan and Tärnaby offers skiing at all levels of the sport. Hemavan has 10 ski lifts, 50 ski runs, two snow parks and a Ski Cross Arena. Here, too, is Kobåset, which is widely regarded as Sweden’s best free skiing area. Tärnaby has five ski lifts and 30 ski runs.

Two charming and unspoilt communities offering the very best in skiing.

Hemavan is a village that is expanding. Despite having a wide and thriving cosmopolitan choice of restaurants, shops and entertainment, Hemavan manages to maintain its original charm and air of tranquility, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Tärnaby – Cradle of world champions. This is, without doubt, the village with the highest ratio of expert skiers per capita in the world. The famous slope Ingemarbacken has schooled some of Sweden’s most successful skiers including Ingemar Stenmark, Stig Strand, Thomas Ringbrant, Anja Pärson, Jens Byggmark and Bengt Fjällberg

Summer and autumn in Hemavan Tärnaby

During summer and autumn the area is great for hiking and fishing and for experience the great outdoors. The most famous trail is the Kungsleden trail (the King´s Trail). It begins in Hemavan and extends to Abisko in the north 450 kilometre. In between, there is an extremely diverse terrain that offers good hiking whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner. 

Touchdown at the heart of your mountain adventure

Hemavan is Sweden’s only ski resort that can boast of its very own airport right at its centre, only a few minutes’ walk from the ski slopes and accommodation.

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